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Recognition of Competent Persons under SMPV(U) Rules- Procedure

 Recogintion of Competent Person under SMPV(U) Rules -Procedure
Under the SMPV(U) Rules , 1981 , the recognition is granted to competent person under rule 18(for testing of Safety Relief Valves fitted to pressure vessels), under rule 19(for periodic testing of pressure vesselsincluding /excluding Horton spheres/mounded/Underground vessels for ALDS), under the rule 33 (for issue of Safety Certificate for pressure vessel installations including /excluding Horton spheres/mounded/underground vessels for ADLS), under the rules 43(for issue of Safety Certificate for Mobile tankers) and under rule 44(2) for issue of certificate for roadworthiness of mobile tankers for renewal purpose.

Applications are accepted (1) in Appendix IIIA along with (a) Certificate in support of qualification claimed (b) Two passport size photographs (c) Speciman signature of the applicant and (d) scrutiny fee of Rs.500/- by demand draft drawn on any nationalized bank in favour of Chief Controller of Explosives payble at Nagpur for grant of recognition as Competent Persone under rules 18,99,33,43 & 44(2) of SMPV(U) Rules,1981 and (2) in Appendix IIIB (from persone holding degree in Chemical/Mechanical/Marine/Metallurgical Engineer or equivalent experience)along with scrutiny fee of Rs.1000/- by demand draft drawn on any nationalised bank in favour of Chief Controller of Explosives payble at Nagpur for grant of recognition as Inspector under rule 12(2) of SMPV(U) Rules,1981 for stagewise inspection of pressure vessels.

If the qualification and experience of the Technical Person(s) proposed tobe recognized is found in accordance with Appendix II of SMPV(U) Rules,1981,the person is called to appear before the Interview Board comprising of 3 to 4 Senior officers of PESO.

The Interview board will be sitting once in a quater i.e in the month of January,April,July and October of the year.

The technical discussions related to experience in the field of design,fabrication,quality control,inspection,testing,operation,maintenance of pressure vessels including fittings as well as knowledge about national/inter-national codes,procedure to be followed for inspection/testing of pressure vessels etc. are carried out during the interview by the Board of Technical officers for assessment to grant recognition as Competent Person/Inspector.The recommendations of the Interview Board are forwarded to Chief Controller of Explosives for perusal finalisation of desired recognition under SMPV(U) Rules,1981.

                                                                                                                                                 By Order

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Chief Controller of Explosives