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Mission Statement


  • Implementation of safety aspects related to manufacture, possession ,use,sale,transport,import and export of explosives including compressed gases and storage,transport,production,refining and blending of petroleum as envisaged under the Explosives Act,1884 and Petroleum Act,1934 and various rules framed there under with the objective of prevention of accidents.
  • Provide technical advice on matters related to safety to the central government and state government, local bodies, law-enforcing agencies,industry,trade and users of above products within the ambit of Petroleum Act 1934, Explosives Act 1884 and the rules made thereunder.
  • Create safety awareness amongst the public.
  • Offer friendly interface with public while upholding transparency and efficiency.
  • Undertake upgradation of regulations to meet the requirement of modern technology and harmonizing them with International Standards.
  • Constantly upgrading competence, awareness skills and motivation of the personnel working in the organization to bring about improvement in the physical efficiency and creating a well trained work force.