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‘Do’s & Don’ts (High Explosives)

(A)            Storage and use of explosives


1.      Store explosives only in licensed magazine.

2.      Always maintain magazine in good condition.

3.      Always keep gangway of 60 cm between stack of explosives boxes and wall.

4.      Get all lightening conductors on magazine tested for continuity and resistance once in a year. The resistance of lightening conductors should less than 10 ?.

5.      Mark licence no. And validity prominently on licensed premises.

6.      Mark 12 mm thick red line 2.5 m above floor level inside the magazine and do not stack explosives boxes above it.

7.      Provide fencing at a distance of 15 m from magazine and keep the fenced area free of vegetation.

8.      Always keep stock of explosives within licensed capacity.

9.      Always issue old explosives first.

10.  Provide security guards round the clock.

11.  Keep security guard’s shelter at a distance of 30 m from magazine.

12.  Always sell explosives to person/firm having valid licence.

13.  Always report loss, theft or short receipt of explosives to controller of explosives and police.

14.  Always take precautions to prevent mechanical impact of any hard object with explosives.

15.  Always employ certified blaster for blasting operations.

16.  Mark ‘danger – explosive’ and ‘turn off radio transmitter’ at the site.

17.  Sufficient warning like display of red flag, whistle sound shall be given to public before blasting. Also display blasting time.

18.  Suspend blasting operations during thunderstorms.

19.  Blasting schedules should be arranged in such a manner that all holes charged with explosives are immidiately blasted on the same day. In case, for any reason, such charged holes cannot be blasted on the same day, these sleeping holes charged with explosives should be properly guarded from a suitable safe distance, till the same are blasted.

20.  Always return unused explosives after day’s work to the magazine before sunset.

21.  Respect explosives.

1.      Don’t sell explosives to blaster on the strength of the shot firer’s permit.

2.      Don’t sell explosives to unauthorized person.

3.      Don’t undertake construction of building for manufacture or storage of explosives unless you obtain construction approval from licensing authority and NOC from district magistrate.

4.      Don’t abandon any explosive material after use at site.

5.      Don’t store explosives outside magazine.

6.      Don’t use sparking tools.

7.      Don’t  throw, drop boxes of explosives.

8.      Never use  bale hook during loading/unloading of explosives boxes.

9.      Don’t cut explosives cartridges or change description of explosives.

10.  Don’t deface markings on cartridge or box of explosives.

11.  Don’t store high explosives and detonators together.

12.  Don’t use misfired explosives.

13.  Don’t use deteriorated or exuded explosives.

14.  Don’t attach detonator to detonating cord until every thing is ready for blast.

15.  Don’t use mobile phones/pagers near place of storage and use of explosives.

16.  Don’t  use iron impliments during preparation of charges.

17.  Don’t deliver explosives unless photograph and signature of authorized person are verified.

(B)            Transport of explosives


1.      Always  maintain transport vehicle in good mechanical  & road worthy condition.

2.      Always carry two fire extinguishers in explosives van.

3.      In case of breakdown of explosives van, inform controller of explosives and local police.

4.      Always carry following documents during transport of explosives:

a)      Indent in form RE-11

b)      Pass in form RE-12

c)      Copy of explosives van’s licence.

d)      Bill/invoice.

5.      Two armed guard should always accompany explosives van during transport of explosives. In sensitive area notified by MHA, the police armed guard shall be provided.

6.      Employ only trained driver and cleaner, whose antecedents are verified by police.

7.      Always maintain 300 m distance between two vans carrying explosives.

8.      Always load/unload explosives only when explosives van’s

a)      Engine of the vehicle is stopped.

b)      Wheels chocked.

c)      Hand brakes applied.


9.      Always avoid routes passing through centre of dense habitation and municipal limits.

10.  Always give notice of accident to controller of explosives, District Magistrate  and police.


1.      Don’t stop explosives van un-necessarily or for longer duration during transportation on road.

2.      Don’t transport flammable substance with explosives.

3.      Don’t  transport detonators with other type of explosives.

4.      Don’t carry passengers while transporting explosives in van.

5.      Don’t employ any person:

Who is below 18 yrs  of age.

Who is in state of intoxication.

Who is mentally or physically challenged.

6.   Do not transport explosives in the night (from Sunset to Sunrise) in the sensitive areas notified by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).