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Oxygen related information in the wake of Covid-19

Circulars / OMs Directory / Approved Lists SOPs Miscellaneous
  1. Covid exemptions (March-2020)
  2. Oxygen Vessel installation- For all Circle Heads and stakeholders
  3. Urgent Attention: All Medical Oxygen Fillers
  4. Monitoring mechanism for Medical Oxygen supply
  5. Attention: All Nodal Officers of PESO, Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturers, Oxygen Manufacturers and all stakeholders (06-Apr-2020)
  6. Granting permission to manufacturers of Industrial Oxygen to manufacture Medical Oxygen (07-Apr-2020)
  7. Relaxation with respect to Explosives during COVID-19 outbreak (09-Apr-2020)
  8. Monitoring Inventory of Oxygen (18-Apr-2020)
  9. CIRCULAR- Monitoring the inventory of liquid Oxygen / medical Oxygen (18-Apr-2020)
  10. Immediate Conversion of Industrial Oxygen Cylinders for Medical Use
  11. Attn:AIIGMA - Representation for compensation of losses to Oxygen Manufacturers (27-Apr-2020)
  12. Arogya Setu Circular (30-Apr-2020)
  13. Change in Service of the Cryogenic gas to be transported (29-Mar-2021)
  14. Relaxation of Rules to ease the availability of Medical Oxygen (Second wave of Covid-19) (26-Apr-2021)
  15. Attn: All Form LS-2 Licensees- Conversion of liquid Nitrogen / Argon tankers for liquid Oxygen (28-Apr-2021)
  16. Relaxations under GCR, 2016 to fast-track approvals for imported cylinders and pressure vessels for storage and transportation of medical oxygen (15-May-2021 Press Release).
  17. The Circular No. G.40(Misc)R.Min/C.VIII(3)Cir/GCR dated 19.05.2021 has already been withdrawn. The same shall be considered null & void. 
  18. Testing of empty and filled Gas Cylinders arrived in India from foreign countries (27-May-2021)
  19. Import of used/refurbished empty gas cylinder from foreign countries for Covid management/trading (28-May-2021)
  20. Corrigendum: Import of used/refurbished empty gas cylinders from foreign countries (4-Jun-2021)
  21. Installation of Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT) device on Cryogenic Tankers (02-Nov-2021)
  22. Installation of telemetry devices on Liquid Oxygen storage vessels (31-Dec-2021)
  23. Readiness For Ramping Up Oxygen Production At Short Notice - Attn All Oxygen Manufacturers, Steel Plants, E&F Licence Holders (12-Jan-2022)
  24. Fast track approval to import Medical Oxygen Cylinders - Relaxation of provisions under GCR Rules 2016 (19-Jan-2022)
  1. State wise cylinder filling units 
  2. List of approved Foreign Manufacturers of Oxygen Cylinders (11-May-2021)
  3. List of approved Indian Manufacturers of Oxygen Cylinders (07-May-2021)
  4. List of Competent Persons
  5. Fabricators for Cryogenic Pressure Vessels (14-May-2021)
  6. Gas Cylinder Rules, 2016- Form E&F (Fill Cum Storage) Licenses Having Gas Name Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Liquid Oxygen 
  7. PESO Nodal Officers to monitor manufacture and supply of Medical Oxygen w.e.f. 01.01.2022
  1. SOP for conversion of Industrial Cylinders to Medical Oxygen Cylinders (22-Apr-2020)
  2. SOP for Conversion of used LNG tankers for Oxygen Service (REVISED) (04-May-2021)
  1. Revised EoI cum Bid invitation for procurement of Medical Oxygen Cylinders on urgent basis (21-Apr-2020)
  2. Approval of ISO Tank Container for Liquid Oxygen (for one-year only)
  3. EoI cum Bid invitation on Email FOR PROCUREMENT OF MEDICAL OXYGEN CYLINDER on immediate basis (11-Apr-2021)
  4. To  obtain Permission for Import & Transport of Compressed Gas in ISO Tank Container (12-May-2021)
  5. Procedure for Import of Gas Cylinders (13-May-2021)