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Scrutiny and approval of site, layout and construction plans for:

Explosives manufacturing factories. Storage installations for compressed gases in pressure vessels.
Explosives storage premises. Auto LPG dispensing stations.
Fireworks manufacturing factories. LPG bottling units.
Fireworks store houses and shops.   Petroleum storage installations.
Manufacture of Explosives at site in Bulk Mixing and Delivery [BMD] Vehicles. Petroleum storage sheds.
Authorization of Explosives & Fireworks. Petroleum Refineries.
Gas Cylinder filling plants. Petroleum tank lorries.
CNG filling stations. Petroleum cross-country pipelines.
Gas Cylinders/ Valves/ Regulators Petroleum service stations.
Storage sheds for filled gas cylinders. Flame Proof Equipments.
  Calcium carbide storage premises.
  • Scrutiny and approval of design and construction of Explosives vans, Portable Explosives Magazines, Bulk mixing and Delivery vehicle for site manufacture of explosives, vehicles for transport of compressed gases in pressure vessels and petroleum tank lorries.
  • Licensing of the premises/units/vehicles mentioned as above.
  • Scrutiny of Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical Units, Calcium Carbide Factories and Acetylene Gas generating Plants for grant of approval thereof.
  • Scrutiny and approval of proposals of design, construction and laying of  Petroleum  Pipelines.
  • Scrutiny of proposals of designs of Pressure Vessels and their fittings, both manufactured in India and imported for grant of approval thereof.
  • Scrutiny of proposals of design of Gas Cylinders and valves fitted thereto, manufactured in India and imported for grant of approval thereof.
  • Scrutiny of proposals of flameproof, intrinsically safe and special electrical equipments suitable for use in hazardous areas laden with flammable gases/vapours, both indigenously manufactured and imported for grant of approval thereof.
  • Scrutiny of proposals of factories fabricating pressure vessels and its fittings, gas cylinders valves, LPG regulators and petroleum tank truck & its fittings for grant of approval thereof.
  • Scrutiny of proposals of testing stations for periodic examination and testing of cylinders for grant of recognition to the cylinder testing station.
  • Recognition of competent persons and inspectors under various Rules. Issue of shot firers permit & foreman's certificate.
  • Regular inspection of the units mentioned above.
  • Destruction of deteriorated and unclaimed/unserviceable/seized explosives.
  • Examination of petroleum tanks in sea going vessels for issuing gas free certificates for allowing hot work, entry of man in such tanks and entry of such vessels in docks.
  • Technical investigation of accidents related to the substances coming under the purview of the Acts and Rules administered by the Organisation for ascertaining causes of accident and violations.
  • Scrutiny and appraisal of proposals to import, export and transport explosives for grant of licence thereof.
  • Authorisation of new explosives after adequate tests and trials.
  • Grant of permission for filling/use of gas cylinders imported from abroad and manufactured in India.
  • Grant of licence/permit for import of cylinders & pressure vessels.
  • Scrutiny of periodic returns under various Rules.
  • Review & Amendment of Rules wherever necessary in Public interest.
  • Examination/testing of explosives/hazardous substances for classification of hazard.
  • Advising the Central and State Governments, the Industry and various Organizations on matters relating to the handling of explosives, flammable and other dangerous substances, coming under the purview of Explosives Act 1884 and Petroleum Act 1934 and the rules framed thereunder.
  • Participation as Chairman or member in various committees appointed by the Ministry of Defence, Bureau of Indian Standards and other Ministries and Departments.
  • Participation in symposiums, seminars, workshops organized by various Organizations relating to safety in handling of hazardous chemicals, petroleum products, explosives and compressed gases.