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  • Computerization of PESO
  • All India Wide Area Network (WAN) comprising 23 Leased Line Circuits
  • Central Server Network
  • Spin-off Benefits
  • Current Developments
  • Computerization of PESO

PESO has proudly stepped into the successful eighth year of on-line operations in April 2008, under the prestigious e-governance project. The computerization of PESO was envisaged in 4 Phases under 9th & 10th five-year plans and implemented phase wise to address the following Prime Objectives:

  • To Improve Resource Utilization and Productivity.
  • To Improve Services to the Public including Licensees
  • To bring in Transparency and Accountability in the system.
  • To monitor transactions of explosives among manufacturers, dealers & users and to  check diversions of explosives in the interest of public safety & National security and to maintain their digital records.
  • To ensure prompt issuance of approvals, licenses and permissions.
  • To deposit revenue receipts and maintain up-to-date records of receipts.
  • To enable the public and licensees to access the license particulars and status
  • of applications through Public Domain Interface.
  • To modernize all PESO Offices

All India Wide Area Network (WAN) comprising 25 Leased Line Circuits.

The Spin-off Benefits of Computerization of PESO.

1.Total transparency and accountability in the system
2.Online availability of records, application status & statistics to the public through public domain.
3.Conceptualization of G2C(Government to Citizen)e-governance module through its public domain website.
4.Speedy disposals of proposals, grant & renewal of licenses, etc.
5.Centralized maintenance of data on approval/license/suspension/ cancellation/accident investigations.
6.Optimum Utilization of existing Man power.
7.Digitization of all the records/licenses.
8.Efficient Office Administration
9.Automated receipts and maintenance of Revenue.
10.Scrutiny of monthly returns – reliable monitoring of transaction of Explosives across the Country.
11.A highly communicative and user-friendly website as a public interface.
12.Website in adherence to Right to Information Act.
13.Internet and e-mail services to Officials of PESO.
14.Computerization of all 25 Offices of PESO including Departmental Testing Station
15.The entire work force of PESO becomes computer savvy.
16.Modern work environment.

17.Current Developments.

Providing platform for the emerging online services as under to fellow citizens, as well to PESO Officials.

  • Submission of online applications with respect to all transactions including Monthly Returns.
  • e-payment of fees.
  • Enabling PESO Users to work on application modules over Internet from any location, even on move.
  • Voice Communication.
  • Video Conferencing.