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Quick URLs

Important Login links are provided on this page. This may please be kept handy so that in case PESO Website ( is down for some reason, Users can directly access respective applications using the following links.

S.No. Link title Link URL
Government Authorities 
1. DIPP/MHA Login 
2. LSDA 
3. DM/SP Login 
4. DGMS Login 
Licensees /Stakeholders
1. Petroleum / Gas Cylinders / SMPV(U) Rules Application Login
2. Explosives / Ammonium Nitrate Rules Application Login
3. Competent Person Login
4. Degassing and Purging under SMPV(U) Rules, 2016 Application Login
5. Fabrication Certificates for approved Fabrication Shops under Rule 63(2)(i) of Petroleum Rules, 2002
6. CNG Cylinder Testing Certificates for approved Gas Cylinder Testing Stations under Gas Cylinder Rules, 2016 
Returns Filing 
1. Explosives Returns (SETT)
2. SETT Alternate URL
3. Ammonium Nitrate Returns
1. Public Domain / Application Status
2. Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)