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Explosives Licensing System for District Authorities

PetroSafe 2016

PetroSafe 2016
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                               The notice of an accident required to be given under section 8(1) of  Explosives Act and section 27 of Petroluem Act shall be given forthwith--

(a) to the Chief Controller of Explosives by express telegram (Telegraphic address--EXPLOSIVES, NAGPUR) followed within 24 hours by a letter giving particulars of the occurrence;

(b) to the Controller of Explosives in whose jurisdiction accident has taken place; and

(c) to the officer in charge of the nearest police station;

pending the visit of the Chief Controller, or his representative, or until instructions are received from the Chief Controller or his representative that he does not wish any further investigation or inquiry to be made, all wreckage and debris shall be left untouched except insofar as its removal may be necessary for the rescue of person injured, and recovery of the bodies of any person killed, by the accident or in the case of aerodromes or railways, for the restoration of through communication.