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Petroleum Form-XI paperless application Trial Run | All the applicants for Grant/ Amendment/Renewal of Competency under SMPV(U) Rules 2016 are advised to contact/approach PESO HQ during the last week of Dec-2019. If proposal for new Competency/Amendment has been applied they may approach for Interview. They must bring all the original educational/experience certificates along with medical certificate and organisational structure documents. | Help file for "Bharat Kosh Payment" for Applicants. | The option to submit fees through demand draft shall be disabled with effect from 11/11/2019. Please submit the fees through online payment option. Circular: Interview for recognition of SMPV Competent Persons | For all Cross Country Pipeline stakeholders under PR-2002/MSIHC Rules-1989 | Licence in Form-XI for transportation of Ethanol | Multiple LPG cylinder manufacturing units within the same premises under the same ownership- Conditions of approval | Guidelines for Transportation of Dry Chlorine Gas through Pipelines within Industrial Zone | Prayagraj (Allahabad) office of PESO has been shifted to the new location | Observance of 21st June 2019 as International Day of Yoga | Circular for all approved Pressure Vessel Fabricators under SMPV(U) Rules 2016 | GSR 148(E) - Exemption of NOC for Auto LPG premises | G.S.R. 44(E) : Gas Cylinders (Amendment) Rules, 2019 | Explosives (Amendment) Rules 2019- Notification dated 9 Jan 2019 | System for Explosives Tracking and Tracing (SETT) has been launched today the 1st Jan 2019 | One day workshop for fireworks manufacturers on 28 Nov 2018 One day workshop for fireworks manufacturers of North India | One day workshop on safety in manufacturing and handling of PETN | Supreme Court Order dated 23-Oct-2018 regarding Fireworks: All the manufacturers of fireworks, magazine holders and shop owners licensed under Explosives Rules 2008 are advised to comply with the subject Order. | | Gazette Notification - Ammonium Nitrate (Amendment) Rules, 2018 | Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2018 - Notification | Calcium Carbide Draft Notification 2018 | Explosives (Amendment) Rules 2018 Draft Notofication dated 18 June 2018 | Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) (Amendment) Rules, 2018 | Gas Cylinders (Amendment) Rules 2018 Notification No. G.S.R. 189(E) | Circular about login UserID and Password | CCE39s Circular on launch of "SETT - Standardisation Software Module" dt. 05-02-2018 | Online module for Refineries and Mini Refineries under Petroleum Rules 2002 | Online module for fabrication shops under Petroleum Rules 2002 | Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week, 2017 | Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012 Draft Notification | Letter to all Stakeholders on AN Rules Draft Notification National Academy of Petroleum & Explosives Safety and Testing Station | Approval for laying of new cross country pipe lines and revalidation of existing cross country pipe lines through online module | Approval of new fabrication shops and revalidation of existing approved fabrication shops through online module under SMPV(U) Rules, 2016 | To all Pensioners or Family Pensioners of PESO | Launching of e-Filing of Applications and e-Payment gateway facilities under SMPV(U) Rules, 2016 and GCR Rules, 2016 | Compliance of Honourable Supreme Court order- for fireworks manufacturers | Online submission of Monthly Returns (RE-2) by ANFO Manufacturers holding license in Form LE-1 (Old Form- 38) under Explosives Rules, 2008  | Draft notification dated 17-July-2017 for amendment of GCR Rules 2016 and SMPV(U) Rules 2016  | Vacancy Circular | GST facilitation cell | Circular for approved fabricators and recognised inspectors under SMPV(U) Rules 2016 | PESO Training Calender 2017 | E-filing of applications and E-payments under Explosives Rules 2008 and AN Rules 2012 made mandatory w.e.f. 1-Apr-2017 | All stakeholders are requested to please give feedback on e-Payments facility introduced by PESO. All are also requested to make payment through e-Payment gateway to encourage digital transactions. New SMPV(U) Rules 2016 come into force with effect from 01-Dec-2016 | New Gas Cylinders Rules 2016 come into force with effect from 22-Nov-2016 | eFiling of applications and ePayments under Explosives Rules 2008 and AN Rules 2012 launched | CCE Circular for meeting with Explosives Manufacturers on 28th September, 2016  | Launching of Auto-renewal of Form-G Licences | Launching of e-Payment and Auto-renewal of Licences   Filling up the post of Accounts Officer in PB-2 and Senior Hindi Translator in PB-2 | Gazette Notification regarding Nitro-glycerine | For all Auto LPG Operators:- Compliance of Rule 26 of Gas Cylinders Rules 2004 | CCE Ciruclar to all Explosives Users  |  Online generation of RE-13 (Pass for Use) is made mandatory w.e.f. 1-October-2015  |  Mandatory online submission of Monthly Returns by the license holders under Ammonium Nitrate Rules 2012  |  Draft Notification Calcium Carbide (Amendment) Rules, 2015 | Mandatory online submission of Monthly Returns by the license holders under Ammonium Nitrate Rules 2012  |  Submission of applications online through eBiz Portal  |  Notification related to manufacturing of Nitro-glycerine Explosives for Defence sector. | e-filing of applications under Petroleum Rules 2002 made compulsory with effect from 1-Apr-2015. | Meeting Notice for oil companies and pipeline operators. | CIRCULAR for all Competent Persons about Rule 19 of SMPV(U) Rules 1981 for mobile pressure vessels.  |  Industrial Licence under I(D&R) Act, 1951 is not required for Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) Manufacturers.  |  Manufacturers and Suppliers of Explosives will be able to generate Pass for Sale (RE-12) THREE DAYS after the receipt of Indent (RE-11) with effect from 15/11/2014.  |  Guidelines for approval, sampling and testing of CFB Boxes  |  Revised Fees Structure under Explosives Rules 2008 w.e.f 01/04/2014  |  FAQs on Ammonium Nitrate  |  PUBLIC NOTICE on Ammonium Nitrate


Gas Cylinders (Second amendment) Rules, 2018 (Gazette Notification)  

Licensing System for District Authorities (LSDA)

  Explosives Rules 2008 (Amendment) Draft Notification

  Letter to all Stakeholders on ER 2008 (Amendment) Draft Notification 

  Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012 (Amendment) Draft Notification

  Letter to all Stakeholders on AN Rules (Amendment) Draft Notification 

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PetroSafe 2016

PetroSafe 2016

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Gas Cylinders (Third Amendment) Rules, 2018 

Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (unfired) (Second Amendment) Rules 2018 

Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2018 dated 5-Oct-2018

Explosives (Amendment) Rules 2018 Draft Notofication dated 18 June 2018
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The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) formerly Department of Explosives, with its Head Office at  Nagpur had completed its hundred years on 9th September 1998. This Organisation comes under, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India.

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Explosives Act 1884
Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012.
Explosives Rules, 2008.
Revised Fees under ER, 2008.
Gas Cylinders Rules, 2016.
Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules, 2016.
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Calcium Carbide Rules, 1987
Cinematograph Film Rules, 1948
Inflammable Substances Act 1952
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Procedure for Scheme Approval for laying of Pipelines
Recognised Testing Laboratories for Ex Equipments
List of Approved LPG Pressure Regulator Manufacturers
List of Approved LPG Valves And Other than LPG Valves Manufacturers
List of Approved Shop for Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels & Safety Fittings
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